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Platform : PC


Camera : Top view - Isometric 2D

Team size : 3

Period : July 2021 - February 2022

Role : Game designer

Genre : MMORPG

The project

"Temporis" is an event of the well known french MMORPG : Dofus. When I arrived at Ankama Games, I was given the task to create a version of this temporary event on the retro version of the game. It was the first time such an event was brought to Dofus Retro, and the community had great expectencies as it is the 7th "Temporis" event of Ankama Games.

During this event, the god Iop arrived on the lands of Amakna to make the greatest feast of the continent. For 2 months, players had to upgrade their character, overcome the challenges of the god Iop, and play with other players to reach the highest grounds of the game.


Game design

  • Core systems design

  • Data based tweaking and balancing

  • Communication with the different poles

  • Narration and characters creation

  • Documentation on Confluence

  • Translation with the localization team

  • Communication with the community

Technical tasks

  • Integration in Dofus' databases

  • SQL requests/queries


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